Digital Humanities Congress Proceedings and 2014 Conference

Digital Humanities Congress Proceedings and 2014 Conference

In September 2012 the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) held the first Digital Humanities Congress.

This new biannual conference intended to promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas and techniques within the digital humanities. There was a varied programme of 66 speakers from disciplines across the arts, humanities and heritage domains which attracted 120 delegates from around the world.

The conference proceedings are about to be published as the first issue of a new journal, Studies in the Digital Humanities. The journal will be published via a new online publishing platform developed by HRI Digital, called HRI OpenBook.

OpenBook allows authors and editors to develop their own open access publications and enables users to access articles in HTML, PDF and e-book formats for viewing on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and other mobile devices. The journal will be available from 20 February via the HRI website.

The 2014 Digital Humanities Congress will take place from 4–6 September. The call for papers will be announced shortly and registration details will follow in due course.