From the new Faculty Director of Research and Innovation

From the new Faculty Director of Research and Innovation

Faculty Office FDRI 7I took up this role in January, and much of my time has been spent reacting to events, rather than sticking my head above the parapet, but there are some new initiatives to report.

First, new Faculty policies governing annual research support meetings for all academic staff and study leave have been drawn up for discussion by the Faculty Executive Board (FEB).

Second, following a successful Faculty Research and Innovation Committee (FRIC) away afternoon, new strategies for supporting external research grant applications and for the development of the Humanities Research Institute will be proposed.

While, as reported elsewhere in this issue, we have had some significant grant successes recently, as a Faculty we punch below our weight in terms of research income, depriving us of vital time and resources for our research, and we need to address the obstacles which discourage funding applications. Similarly, the HRI has a world-leading reputation as a centre for digital humanities, but there is undeveloped potential for it to expand its activities into acting as a home for other types of interdisciplinary collaborative research within the Faculty. Proposals will be discussed by FRIC and FEB soon.

I have been overseeing plans for the new Biblical studies research institute. In the future, FRIC will be examining the role of Faculty research centres, and the rules governing applications to the Learned Societies Fund.

Perhaps most importantly, I hope to ‘get out more’ in order to better acquaint myself with the excellent research that is already going on across the Faculty.

Bob Shoemaker