Group study space for Arts and Humanities students

301Students from the Faculty now have study space in the Flexible Workshop Space at 301 Glossop Road.

The space is available between 9.00am and 2.00pm, every Monday during the first semester. It’s ideal for pre-seminar, post-seminar and group work, and because it’s a drop-in there’s no need to book.

Working together to prepare for your seminars, and to go over what you’ve learned in them, is one of the best ways to get the most out of the teaching on your course. Tutors often set students group tasks to complete outside formal class time. But we know it’s often very difficult to organise the time and space to make this happen.

The Departments in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities have listened to feedback from our students that they would like more access to flexible group study space so that you can learn in your own way, independently.

This flexible space accommodates up to 40 people, and can be arranged in a number of ways. Facilities include:

  • kitchen with supplies of water, tea/coffee and biscuits

  • access to a laptop and a trained student peer-working facilitator between 11.00am and 2.00pm

Additional information

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