Hands on History

History Article 2 (option 2)The Department of History has started a new project, in collaboration with Museums Sheffield (Laura Travis) and with help from the Faculty’s Widening Participation team (Kate Smith and Laura Salt). ‘Hands on History’ gives 20 of our most enthusiastic undergraduate students the chance to be curators for a day, and to share their passion for the past.

After receiving some basic training courtesy of the Museum, they’ll bring objects from the Museum’s handling collection (which ranges from Second World War underwear to a Tudor cannonball) into classrooms at Fir Vale and Sheffield Springs Academy, to help inspire Year 10 students with their History exam revision.

We hope this will provide a complement to the now well-established History in the City mentor programme, run by our students.

“My main motivation for getting involved is that I think that the project is a brilliant idea, I know when I was in year 10 I would have loved the opportunity to have this sort of experience.” Mark Green (level two BA History student).

“I really believe that having materials and projects like this will help spark an interest in history, as it means that kids can have hands on experience learning from people with a genuine interest in the artefact rather than simply having dates shouted out at them.” Jennifer Wright (level two BA Japanese Studies and History student)

Additional information

If you’d like to hear more about the project, contact Charles West – c.m.west@sheffield.ac.uk