Illustrating the First World War for pupils at King Ecgbert School, Sheffield

Illustrating the First World War for pupils at King Ecgbert School, Sheffield

Pupils at King Ecgbert School in Sheffield have been using pages digitally reproduced from the University of Sheffield Library War Illustrated archive in preparation for their GCSE History assessments.

English - Article 3 - Photo 1 - Illustrating WW1 for Sheffield school childrenA collection of The War Illustrated, a weekly magazine published throughout the First World War, is held in the Special Collections at Western Bank Library. Dr Jonathan Rayner (Reader, School of English) collaborated with staff from the King Ecgbert History Department to prepare illustrations and photographs from the magazine to be used as part of the Key Stage 4 pupils’ GCSE work with primary source materials. Topics and stories which appeared in War Illustrated and were discussed by the Y11 pupils included: the reporting of the German naval bombardments of Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool in December 1914; images used in enlistment and propaganda posters; reporting of the varying effects of the war on children in Britain and Europe; and representations of the changing roles for women during the conflict.

English - Article 3 - Photo 2 - Illustrating WW1 for Sheffield school childrenResearch derived from the War Illustrated collection has already formed the basis of research papers delivered by Dr Jonathan Rayner in 2013 at international conferences at the University of Newcastle (as part of the Leverhulme Network “Approaching War: Childhood, Culture and the First World War”) and the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (“Navy and Nation”). It is now planned for the entire War Illustrated archive to be digitised to facilitate its access by researchers in future.

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