In the City 2014

In the City 2014

Following its successful pilot last year, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is delighted to announce that there will be another programme of In The City events in May this year.

The theme continues to focus on urban existence, heritage and experience, in Sheffield and beyond, with events  drawing on Faculty research and projects.

A huge variety of events is planned, including a short film festival, a two-part series on Modernism in the city, talks from various acclaimed writers and academics, film showings at the Showroom, and many more.

The following is a short summary of the main run of events planned, with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks. Please be aware that dates and details for the following may change.

Thursday 1 May – Headlines book launch

Matthew Colbeck presents a book launch of the second edition of Headlines, a very popular collection of works by Sheffield writers who have suffered brain damage.

Saturday 3 May – John Donne’s sermons

The sermons of John Donne performed in a Sheffield church.

Tuesday 6 May – Modernism & The Battle for Walkley Part I

John Grindrod, author of the popular book on modernist urbanism Concretopia, will be delivering a talk on urban regeneration and the search for a modernist utopia in 20th century Britain. This will be followed by excerpts from the Walkley Witness project, an oral history project based on the attempted regeneration of Walkley in the sixties and seventies.

Thursday 8 May – Modernism & The Battle for Walkley Part II

In the second part of this series, the key members of the Walkley Action Group,and those involved in the influential events of the time will engage in a panel talk about the political motives for modernist regeneration, and their experiences. This will also be followed by more work from the Walkley Witness project.

Friday 9 May – History Matters

A panel talk, including contributors to the History Today prize nominated blog, History Matters, that will discuss the concept of space in urban history. They will be joined by acclaimed writer Charlie Connelly.

Saturday 10 May – Sheffield’s WWI: Your Objects & Stories

Do you have any objects or heirlooms that can help us understand life in Sheffield during World War One? Did your grandfather join the City Battalion? Was your grandmother a ‘Woman of Steel’ in the munitions factories? Bring along your objects and tell us your stories at Weston Park Museum. Experts, curators and a professional photographer will be on hand to document and record this people’s archive.

Monday 12 May – This is Our City, short film festival

Professor Brendan Stone presents an evening of short films, all based around the concept of forgotten places in Sheffield. The films will be accompanied by a talk from highly renowned writer Iain Sinclair, who will be discussing his journey around the ‘forgotten arches’ of the London overground.

Tuesday 13 May – Desiree Reynolds, Book reading

Sheffield author Desiree Reynolds presents a reading of her book Seduce, which explores the legacy of Caribbean slavery.

Thursday 15 May – Tristram Hunt: The potteries – past, present and future.

Dr Tristram Hunt is the Shadow Education Secretary, and MP for Stoke-on-Trent, a city with a rich and proud history: birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and hub for the finest ceramics industry in the world. Dr Hunt will talk about Stoke’s role in the past, its present state and his aspirations for its future, and about how priorities for regeneration are being realised by developments in the city. This is a rescheduled event from last year’s programme.

Friday 16 May – Western Works – A reinterpretation of Cabaret Voltaire

For one evening only, In The City will resurrect Western Works on its former site in the School of Health and Related Research. Western Works was the long-term studio space of Cabaret Voltaire, Sheffield’s most famous export in the field of leftfield, experimental music.

Alongside panel talks with those involved in the space – including Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire – and academics who have researched on the legendary building, the evening will be filled with reinterpretations of work recorded there by the leading experimental musicians in Sheffield’s current music community.

Saturday 17 and Thursday 22 May – Activism walks

Join historian Dr Gary Rivett, and Sheffield poet River Wolton for guided walks around key sites of activism in Sheffield’s history.

Tuesday 20 May – ‘The Dead’ + talk

Celebrating the June 2014 centenary of James Joyce’s short story collection Dubliners with a screening of John Huston’s adaptation of The Dead introduced by Dr Katherine Ebury of the University of Sheffield and Professor Anne Fogarty, Professor of James Joyce Studies at University College Dublin.

The centenary itself and Joyce’s struggles to publish the stories in the face of censorship will also be briefly discussed. Huston’s thoughtful adaptation of the film highlights tensions between the space of the home and the wider city space, as, following a family party, Gabriel and Gretta Conroy find their marriage haunted by ghosts from the past. A short Q&A will follow the film.

Saturday 24 May – W J T Mitchell presents ‘The Arts of Occupation’

W J T Mitchell is Professor of English and Art History at the University of Chicago and editor of the groundbreaking interdisciplinary journal, Critical Inquiry. He is best known for his work on the relationship between words and images in the context of history and politics. His essay, ‘The Pictorial Turn’, is one the most influential contributions to the field of visual studies in the last 50 years.

In this talk, Professor Mitchell gives a survey of the way the Occupy movement employed a variety of images, media, and performative acts to take possession of symbolic urban spaces.

The talk will attempt to examine the spatial tactics of Occupy in relation to the long history of revolutionary public “spaces of appearance,” to use Hannah Arendt’s phrase, from the Champ de Mars, to the Washington Mall, to Tienamnen Square, to Parliament Square, to Zucotti Park, to Rothschild Boulevard and to Tahrir Square.

Tuesday 27 May – A Sandbox Symposium

A book launch and symposium on the arts leading science in explorations of research situated in a post-industrial landscape.

Wednesday 28 May – Madeline Blaess – Public Preview

Dr Wendy Michallat presents excerpts and talk on her upcoming film on Madeleine Blaess, a Yorkshire student who was trapped in Paris during the German invasion of WW2, and kept a diary of her experiences.

Friday 30 May – Faith & Fear in Philadelphia

Historian and lecturer Dr Andrew Heath has been working with local musician Pete David and his band, The Payroll Union, on an incredibly exciting long term project. The project is based on Andrew’s research on 19th century Philadelphia, through which The Payroll Union have been developing their new album.

This evening will showcase every facet of the project, including a live performance, panel talk and oral history presentations.

Monday 2 June – PlastiCities, a Symposium

Occursus is a loosely organised, interdisciplinary collective of writers, artists and researchers. They will present a symposium on PlastiCities – exploring how for us, plasticity represents a model of urban change. The date of this event may be subject to alterations.

Wednesday 4 June – This is Arts Enterprise

A showcase of all the fantastic projects that are currently being developed with Arts Enterprise funding.

Thursday 5 June – Sacred Spaces

Since September 2013, University of Sheffield students have been working in partnership with arts charity Art in the Park to find out what makes a place or space sacred to the community living in the Abbeydale/Sharrow area. From church congregations to after school clubs visual arts and creative writing workshops have captured resident’s thoughts and views of their community, its places and what makes them important, safe and sacred.

Plus many more

Alongside all of these fantastic events, we will also be announcing several others in the near future. These include a live orchestral scoring of Charlie Chaplin’s city lights and a series of student-led events.

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