New philosophy of education collaboration

New philosophy of education collaboration

This spring the Department of Philosophy is collaborating with Silverdale School on an exciting new second-year module which centres on the philosophy of education.

The module combines theory with practice in teaching pupils from local Sheffield schools. After a theoretical grounding in some of the major themes running through the philosophy of education, and in teaching methods, students on the module will be able to apply what they have learned.

There will be the opportunity to plan and deliver philosophy lessons to secondary school pupils at the University during the five ‘Examined Life’ days at the end of the year.

The Examined Life will be a series of five days held in the week following the examination period in which year 10 students from Silverdale School and other schools in Sheffield will come to the University to learn about philosophy. It was piloted last year with student volunteers and received very good feedback from schools.

Each day will have a theme – identity, implicit bias, political philosophy, ethics and the value of philosophy. The school pupils will attend a lecture given by a member of staff and three seminars given by students. Professor Jonathan Wolff from University College London has also kindly agreed to give a guest lecture on the final day on philosophy and public policy.

This is a great opportunity for the university to work with the wider community and for university students to develop new skills, as well as for school students to develop their thinking skills and get a taste of university life.

For more information please see the Philosophy in the City website.