New research grant: Modelling International Cooperation Between States

New research grant: Modelling International Cooperation Between States

Philosophy_Oct13_Marie Curie Grant picDr Holly Lawford-Smith of the Department of Philosophy has been awarded a prestigious three-year Marie Curie Career Integration Grant to carry out the project Modelling International Cooperation Between States.

Holly joined the Department in September 2012, following a PhD and postdoc at Australian National University and an MA at the University of Otago. The overall aim of her project is to think about problems with cooperation as they occur between states, and to make recommendations about the conditions under which such collaboration is more likely to be successful.

This involves asking where the agency within a state lies. For example, when the states acts – or refuses to act – is that an action of the political leader, government, voters, or everyone within the relevant geographical territory? And, depending on the answer to that question, how should we think about the cooperation problems that arise when those agents attempt – or refuse to attempt – to produce global outcomes together, and can the large empirical literature on cooperation in experimental economics give us some practical resources for improving the chances of successful collaboration between those agents?

This question is particularly relevant today as we struggle to address large-scale global challenges, such as global warming, the projected collapse of global fisheries, deforestation and the predicted eventual death of the world’s rainforests.

The project will last for three years, and include a conference in Sheffield in 2016 and research visits to Canada and Australia.