Research of the future 2

Research of the future 2

On Thursday 6 February, a Research of the Future information session was held in the BMS conference room.

Research of the Future is a programme aligned with the 2022 Futures initiative. The first event, held in July 2013 created a forum where researchers from across multiple disciplines could come together to get to know each other’s research and pitch novel and adventurous ideas as part of a competition to get pump priming awards.

In the lead up to the second event in spring 2014, the 2022 Futures support team held a Research of the Future information session on the 6 February 2014. The event introduced 2022 Futures, provided information on what the series of Research of the Future events hopes to achieve and allowed people to find out about each other’s work and kick start collective thinking in preparation for the main event.

Professor Richard Jones opened the afternoon with a short talk about the 2022 Future initiative, including information on what people should hope to get out of it and how the main event will be structured. Attendees then had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of those already engaged in this exciting initiative and to network with colleagues from across the University.

Visit the 2022 Futures web pages for more information about the spring event, which takes place on Monday 31 March and Tuesday 1 April 2014.