The latest from Hidden Perspectives

The latest from Hidden Perspectives

cropped-logo113Hot on the heels of its successful festival in June, the pioneering Hidden Perspectives project remains a hive of activity this semester, with several new partnerships and events in store.

The project, led by Dr Katie Edwards of the Department of Biblical Studies with the help of a team of students, seeks to ‘bring the Bible out of the closet’ by challenging traditional interpretations of the text.

Among its forthcoming activities, Hidden Perspectives will be participating in a cross-disciplinary initiative in collaboration with Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon and Women in Engineering, which aims to address the ways in which social constructs of gender affect the number of women in the profession.

The project will also team up with POUT on an LGBT film festival at The Showroom between 2–7 December, with screenings of Any Day Now, In the Name Of and God Loves Uganda planned.

In addition, a Hidden Perspectives Christmas Concert to celebrate the project’s pilot year will take place on Saturday 14 December, with a line-up that includes cabaret artist Dominic Mattos, soprano CN Lester, the Sacred Wing choir and a festive-themed band.

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