Transforming Research Methods in the Humanities

Transforming Research Methods in the Humanities

Image 2022 StudentshipsFunding has been secured for a new PhD studentship network looking at the intersection of technology and humanities for the benefit of humanities research.

The University’s 2022 Futures scheme will fund the network which comprises three interrelated projects that seek to explore methods that are emergent within their home disciplines as well as potentially transformative for research in the arts and humanities. The methods will enable us to answer research questions central to the humanities that cannot be answered by using traditional humanities research methods.

Each studentship will be supervised by one member of staff from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and one member of staff from elsewhere in the University. The projects are:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition to Investigate Language, Ethnicity and Identity


Susan Fitzmaurice, School of English, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Phil Green, Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering

  • Social Media in Latin America


Peter Watt, Hispanic Studies, School of Languages & Cultures, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Bridgette Wessels, Sociological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

  • 3D Structure-From-Motion in Archaeology


Hugh Willmott, Archaeology, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Steve Maddock, Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering

Outstanding graduates are invited to apply for the studentships by sending a cover letter, CV, references and transcripts to Emma Bradley by 31 May 2014.

More information on the projects and network can be found at:

For informal inquiries, please contact Professor Susan Fitzmaurice or Michael Pidd.