February 2013 Faculty Newsletter

Welcome to the first Arts and Humanities newsletter which we hope will be a useful way for departments to share news with colleagues across the faculty. Published 2-3 times a year, the newsletter will provide a great opportunity for us to reflect on recent achievements and raise awareness about new projects and upcoming events. We see the first issue as a starting point from which aim to develop so please send us your ideas and suggestions and we’ll try and incorporate them in the next issue.

The newsletter is put together with the help of representatives from departments so if you have an idea for an article please get in touch with one of them and they will be more than happy to hear from you.

With best wishes,

 The Editorial Team

  • Blair Bayliss (Languages)
  • Janine Bradbury (Biblical Studies)
  • Emma Bradley (English)
  • Jenette Carson (Archaeology)
  • Richard Furlong (Faculty Office)
  • Carin Fyfe (Faculty Office)
  • Beky Hasnip (History)
  • Suzanne Hubbard (Faculty Office)
  • Dorothy Ker (Music)
  • Clare Mills (HRI)
  • Katariina Nara (Languages)