University of Sheffield
School of Languages
Freshers Week 2012

Dutch for beginners


What? A beginners' course in Dutch, a highly accessible Germanic language. At the end of this module, you can expect to speak and understand Dutch in the most common social circumstances. With a bit of enthusiasm and effort you will be able to read longer texts and write informal texts yourself.

Why? In a recent research paper Dutch turned out to be the 5th most requested language by UK employers, ahead of Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Who? Anybody with an A-Level in a modern language.

How many hours? 5 contact hours per week: 3 hours on grammar, 1 on conversation and 1 on culture.

Credits? GER107 and GER108 are both 20 credits so, 40 credits for the full year.


In the Germanic Studies department on floor 4 of Jessop West on Monday (17/9)
OR at the Germanic Studies Registration Desk in the Octagon Centre (18/9 and 19/9)
OR with Henriette Louwerse in Germanic Studies. You'll find us in Jessop West on the 4th floor
OR send an email to  Henriette Louwerse


We work hard, but we have a lot of fun too. Please ask our current students about their experience with Dutch if you are unsure. You can email one of our current students Louise Snape if you require more info. She will be happy to advise you.

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