University of Sheffield
School of Languages
Freshers Week 2012

Catalan for beginners



Catalan is a Romance language spoken in Northern Spain, Southern France, Andorra and the Balearic Islands. Catalonia is home to a fiercely proud people and boasts a rich artistic history which includes the work of Dalí, Gaudí and Miró.

Why? The prominence of Catalonia both in a Spanish and a European context makes Catalan Studies an important discipline. The region's cultural, intellectual and political heritage offer significant avenues for rewarding and worthwhile study.

Who? Anybody with an A-Level in a modern language at grade B or equivalent.

Credits? HSS190 and HSS191 are both 20 credits so 40 credits for the full year.


In the Hispanic Studies department on floor 2 of Jessop West on Monday (17/9)
OR at the Hispanic Studies Registration Desk in the Octagon Centre (18/9 and 19/9)
OR send an email to  Louise Johnson.

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