University of Sheffield
School of Languages
Freshers Week 2012

Portugese for beginners



Portuguese is the official language of nine countries across four continents, and is spoken by over 200 million people. Portugal, Brazil and the rest of the Lusophone world are home to a huge range of art, culture and traditions.

Why? Knowledge of the Portuguese language assumes an increasing significance as the 21st century progresses. Portuguese Studies is a popular choice at Sheffield, which is reflected in the lively, friendly atmosphere within the department.

Who? Anybody with an A-Level in a modern language at grade B or equivalent.

Credits? HSS180 and HSS181 are both 20 credits so 40 credits for the full year.


In the Hispanic Studies department on floor 2 of Jessop West on Monday (17/9)
OR at the Hispanic Studies Registration Desk in the Octagon Centre (18/9 and 19/9)
OR send an email to  Carmen Ramos Villar.

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