University of Sheffield
School of Languages
Freshers Week 2012

Czech for beginners


What? A course in Czech for beginners; no knowledge of Czech or any other Slavonic language is necessary. We’re a small, friendly programme that will give you the opportunity to learn to communicate well in Czech during your degree.

Why? The pay-off for learning Czech is that you’ll have a rare skill, which can prove invaluable in the job market. You'll also have an insight into a nation that is at the heart of the new Europe.

Who? Anybody with an A-Level in a modern language.

Credits? RUS121 and RUS122 are both 20 credits so 40 credits for the full year.

Registration Find us at the Russian and Slavonic Studies stand in the Octagon (18/9 and 19/9)
OR contact Linda Hanna, Neil Bermel or Luděk Knittl in Russian and Slavonic Studies. You'll find us in Jessop West on the 1st floor.

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