University of Sheffield
School of Languages
Freshers Week 2012

Russian for beginners


What? Starting from scratch, semester 1 will provide you with a basic but thorough knowledge of Russian as used in everyday situations likely to be encountered on a visit to Russia. Semester 2 builds these skills, increasing your range of words and structures and introducing you to new situations.

Why? With the continuing influence of Russia in world politics, business and sport, a knowledge of Russian is an increasingly desirable attribute for graduates. Meeting the challenge of learning a new alphabet and complex new language demonstrates initiative, determination and problem-solving, which are also highly marketable.

Who? Anybody with an A-Level in a modern language at grade B or equivalent.

Credits? RUS103 and RUS104 are both 20 credits so 40 credits for the full year.


In the Russian and Slavonic Studies department on floor 1 of Jessop West
OR at the Russian and Slavonic Studies Registration Desk in the Octagon Centre (18/9 and 19/9)

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